Apocalypse: The new Χ-Men menace is officially announced

If you hold a list with the X-Men franchise villains then get ready to add one more of them. What if X-Men:Days of our future past hasn't hit cinemas so far, it looks that the X-Men franchise is already preparing the next big movie galore! According to 20th Century Fox the X-Men: Apocalypse film will soon be added to the X-Men projects, on the 27th of May 2016! Bryan Singer (Days of our Future Past director) tweeted all these and from that day all hell broke loose on the Internet!


We still have no idea regarding the cast or the story but Singer will be the main director for sure. So is... Apocalypse! Who's he after all? He made his first appearance in 1986 and has made the life of the X-Men really difficult. His real name is En Sabah Nur, born in Akkaba, Ancient Egypt. He's considered to be one of the first mutants with an age of 1000 years old, who goes crazy when X-Men are near! His body is part organic and part awesome technology so Singer will surely do awesome things with him in the upcoming film!


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