Here's Guillermo del Toro's first teaser of the TV series "The Strain"

If you see a lot of mice running towards one direction then you know something bad is going to happen. Well that's what Guillermo del Toro is trying to tell us, with the first teaser video of "The Strain" his next movie, based on the book trilogy that's also signed by Chuck Hogan.


According to the story, a plane lands in JFK with 200 dead passengers and only 4 survivors. Things will begin taking another turn when the bodies begin disappearing from the morgue! New York has no idea that the vampire virus is already spreading through the city and an ancient threat is ready to create chaos. Del Toro will write and direct the pilot and then Carlton Cuse (Lost) will take over. The TV series will be available from FX Network from June 2014.

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