Obama cannot own an iPhone for safety reasons

Even though Blackberry isn't very well last months, the company still has a very loyal supporter, and his name is the US president, Barack Obama.


In a meeting with certain people, relative to Obamacare, a health system which has caused so much discussions in USA, Obama did not hesitate to reveal that he is not allowed to use Apple's smartphone "for security reasons", although he has in his possession and uses an iPad, while his daughters, Sasha and Malia, spend some time on their iPhones.

Obama gave a fight in order the keep the Blackberry.

Obama provided no further details on what these issues are which prohibit the use of an iPhone, however, as you can easily understand, it is clear that the president of the United States must follow stringent safety measures, in each case. Moreover, after his election in 2009, Obama gave a battle to keep his favorite Blackberry during his presidency, although he said that only 10 people know his personal email address. At an era when the revelations of the former employee of NSA, Edward Snowden, that Apple is one of the technology companies that have enabled NSA to have direct access to  the servers (despite the refusal of this claim by the American company), the statements of Obama are difficult to stay without comments...

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