Facebook announced more news on the News Feed

Facebook will progress rapidly to changes in the algorithm of the homepage (News Feed). The users will begin to watch more posts with links to news sites, something which has helped the recent research on the increase in the referall traffic from Facebook to news sites. The users want to read more and more news, so Facebook increases the posts.


As Varun Kacholia, engineer of Facebook, says the researches show that users prefer links to high-quality articles and soon Facebook will be able to distinguish this type of links. The final result will be more posts with links, especially in mobile devices. There are also two more changes. Firstly, the posts with news will acquire the function of the relevant links, as Twitter. The user will be transferred to the news site to read the news, and when he returns to Facebook he will see under the post more links with the same news from other sites. Secondly, the old posts will come up again if they have a comment from a friend. So, the user will have the opportunity to see the comment in an old post.

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