Tipsforjesus. Giving tips from... 500 up to 10,000 dollars!

An account at Instagram with the name "tipsforjesus" reveals a group of people who, as it seems, give huge tips in many restaurants in USA. And we are talking about, no more and no less, amounts from 500 dollars to 10,000 dollars. This is pure luck for anyone who will serve their table...


The mysterious restaurant-guests, publish the receipts of their bills in Instagram, together with the huge tips, noting always on them "tipsforjesus" as their own signature. It seems that there is more than one person, as well as often they appear in groups and in different places in America, while, in accordance with calculations, they have "donated" so far over $54,000 in tips around the country. As they say, in fact, those who have seen the people of the group, are fans of a football team, since during the visits in certain places, they watch games with great interest.

See more photos with the huge tips in Instagram here.


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