Amazon tests drones that will deliver packages within 30 minutes!

Drones that will fly from a delivery center of a big company and will deliver packages with the gadgets that you ordered within 30 minutes. This is what Amazon is dreaming of for the future of its deliveries. And it is not bad at all ...


During an interview on the "60 minutes" of CBS, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, talked about the plans of the company to use in the future this delivery system. The "Prime Air" drones of the company will be able to deliver a package weighing up to 2.5 kg at a distance up to 16 kilometers from the delivery center of the company. And given that, at the moment, in USA, there are 96 such centers, the solution is very promising. However, we must note that such a solution takes time even to be able to be "adopted" by the company. Currently, Amazon carries out tests in order to examine the reliability of the drones, so there are no problems or risks of flight.

In addition to the issues of security, however, the drones are not ready to enter the market as "carriers", since the regulations of FAA do not permit it, with Bezos to note that this can change until 2015. Get ready, in a few years the gadgets you order from Internet will come to your door literally from the... sky!

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