Coravin. A... system that "opens" a bottle of wine without ... removing the cork

A good wine can be made, under appropriate conditions, one of the most beautiful pleasures in life. What happens, however, if you don't want to drink the whole bottle? An open bottle, even if you close it by putting back the cork, can quickly be oxidized and lose its taste. Greg Lambercht, therefore, a businessman who is active in the field of medical devices, had a special "inspiration" to tackle this problem. The creation of Coravin Wine Access System, which may "draw" wine from a bottle without removing the cork! Even if we do not ever use it (because, as you will see, its price is huge) we have to admit that it is a "gadget" that raises our concern.


To fill a glass with wine, place the Coravin system on top of a bottle, push a 2mm thick "hollow" needle inside the cork. Then, a capsule releases an inert gas into the bottle and the pressure causes the wine to fall into the glass in just 20 seconds. Lambrecht, during the last decade, has made "blind tests" in sommelier, putting them to compare wines of the same period that was in closed bottles with others that had been opened with the Coravin system. The result was that most of them do not perceive any difference in taste. As for Lambrecht, he does not hesitate to use his system, as he says, to enjoy a glass of his favorite Paul Jaboulet Aine Hermitage La Chapelle 1990.

We, on the other hand, do not leave any wine in the bottle, but, as we said, we enjoy the idea of Lambercht, as well as the video that follows for the Coravin Wine Access System together with a glass of wine.

Coravin Brand Video from Coravin on Vimeo.

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