The questionnaire of Ubisoft for the next Assassin's Creed game title

Ubisoft is a company that takes seriously the feedback of the public. They often request the opinion of the players through questionnaires, which determines to a large extent all future movements and decisions. Such a questionnaire has come to us, to our mailboxes, we filled it and after we took the necessary screenshots, we sent it back.


What we have learned from this? That in the next Assassin's Creed (the proposals are difficult to relate to the next game, although you never know ... ) the player will be able to create their own character, to make his villa and even to watch a city in different historical periods. The next interesting thing is the possibility to play as Templar or as Assassin, while Ubisoft seriously considers the possibility of drop-in/drop-out multiplayer support, interlocking the single player with the multiplayer gameplay.

Just look the questions with their answers the images that follow.

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