They sent PS Vitas as a gift by mistake and now they threaten with lawsuits

Well it looks like people have gone crazy in the UK, especially Zavvi retailer and managed to send to several of its customers a PS Vita as a gift by mistake! To be more exact, Zavvi retailer made some mistakes and sent to all customers who ordered the game Tearaway, a Sony PS Vita together as... a gift!


Obviously the Christmas spirit didn't touch the UK retailer who after acknowledging their mistake requested all packages to be returned back! What's funny with this case however is that all websites regarding customer rights in the UK, say that if you receive goods by mistake from a website you have every right to keep them as a gift! So that's exactly what most of the customers did and kept their PS Vita. The company wasn't discouraged though and sent again an email to all customers saying that if they didn't return the devices by the 10th of December they would be sued! So what would you do?

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