Another reason we want to work at Google.The Christmas gifts they give to their employees

If you give us a few minutes, we can think of many different reasons why we would like to work at Google. This time, however, we are focusing only on one thing, which is in our minds during the past couple of days. What is this? This year's Christmas gift of the company to their employees, which (for one more year) makes us jealous!


This is because the American company gives to its employees a Nexus 5 or a Nexus 7 (depending on their option), to make their holidays a little more ... beautiful.



It is not the first time that Google gives interesting gifts to their employees in Christmas, as well as it's a tradition to be very generous. As for how we heard about this year's xmas gift, one of the sources is a post on Twitter from the sister of a female worker who mentioned the gifts of the american company.

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