The thinnest condom in the world is 0.01 mm thick

The average thickness of a human hair is 0.06 mm. Yet the thinnest condom in the world is only 0.01 mm thick! The Japanese created it after ten years of research, in order to have the standards needed to be functional and ... salutary, while keeping the enjoyment at a high level.



As we read, Sagami Rubber Industries, a manufacturing company submitted more than 20,000 condoms in tests (leaks, explosions, endurance tests and other cute things), so to be able to build the best possible product with the smallest possible thickness. Sagami is the No1 manufacturer of condoms in Japan and one of the first in the world which made colored condoms. And if you think that they will stop in the thickness of 0.01 mm, you make a mistake since a researcher said efforts are continuing to create a condom of 0.009 or 0.008 mm thickness.


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