12.1 million viewers watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead of AMC has just demonstrated its power in the mid-season finale and put a semicolon in the first half of the fourth season. 12.1 million viewers watched the last impressive episode while staying in front of their receivers. The second half of the season will begin on February 9th.


The Walking Dead continues to be the No1 tv series throughout the American tv of viewers between 18-49 years old and still remains the tv series with the highest ratings in the history of digital television. The first four episodes of the series had an average of 13 million viewers.

The president of the AMC, Charlie Collier, could not be any happier by the great faith that the public continues to show to the stunning work of the unique talented group of The Walking Dead. Note also that equally impressive are the numbers of Talking Dead, the show that follows the episodes of the Walking Dead, where actors, fans, producers and other television actors comment on what they have just seen.

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