He paid 537 euros to buy a of Xbox One on eBay!

A funny story that makes you feel pity for the poor user who paid for this, but on the other hand you want to laugh out loud with his mistake. And of course we will look more carefully before our next purchase from eBay...


A 19-year-old British, Peter Clatworthy, wanted to have an Xbox One Day One Edition, a model that is in a very limited amount and of course in a high price. On most entries of that define the value at 600 euros, but the young man want a specific for only 537 euros. The title was rather suspicious, as it said "Xbox One FIFA 14 Day One Edition, Photo Brand new UK 2013", with the word "photo" being referred to a photo of the console. But Peter did not bother to send a question to the seller and seeing that the advertisement was in the "Consoles" category, pressed the magic button to buy it!

The tiny package which he received some days after, unfortunately for him, contained only a ... picture of a Xbox One and even in poor quality on cheap paper! Not that he would have been more happy if this was a good photo with frame... Typically the entry was correct, since it had the word "photo", but eBay considered misleading its description and is in contact with Peter in order to be compensated financially.

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