The oldest human DNA was found in Spain and it's 400,000 years old

A discovery in a Spanish cave opens new worlds, as regards to what we thought about where we came from: The oldest found human DNA is apparantly 400,000 (!) years old.


An artistic approach of our "ancestors" who lived near the Spanish cave "Sima de los Huesos"

According to "The New York Times", the DNA comes from a femur bone. It managed to survive because of the constant temperature of the cave and was confirmed with the help of new methods used by researchers for the removal of DNA, which have been developed during last years. Until now, the oldest DNA which had been confirmed was (just) 100,000 years old. The research, which was published in the "Nature" magazine a few days ago, shows that the bone fragments from the Spanish cave "Sima de los Huesos" were found to have less genetic similarity with the European Neanderthals and Denisovans, which up to now we thought that they lived exclusively in Siberia.

The DNA may have come from a ancestor of both and means that the history of Neanderthals and Denisovans is more complicated than we thought. The new discovery raises, therefore, new questions about the evolution of the human species, with the scientists now being asked to give new answers.

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