Barcelona introduces Intel... inside sponsor!

Well Barcelona FC has been notorious for the numerous sponsoring positions it has available, given the huge number of fans it has all over the world. Until now the team had none or some charity cause sponsors but this time they are becoming even more picky! So just a couple of days ago, they unveiled a new, innovative place to add a new sponsor, on the inside of the players t-shirts just like in the image below!


That's why the team invited it's captain, Carles Puyol in order to show off this... Intel Inside sponsoring of the well known team! According to the announcement, Intel and Barcelona FC will have an even closer cooperation on the matter, since the Silicon based company will offer high tech gadgets to the Catalan team in order to transform it into the most high tech team in the world. According to Forbes Intel will pay 5 million $ per year in order to make its brand name similar to the one Barcelona has in the world soccer championships!

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