6 Technology facts that will impress you

The truth is that sometimes is interesting to talk about "numbers" and other statistics that are not known. As regards the area of technology,  it's sure that there are a lot of facts out there that we haven't heard of during the past few years.

Huffington Post has chosen 6 technology facts from the book "1.227 quite interesting facts to blow your socks off" of John Lloyd, John Mitchinson and Hames Jarkin -which is a creative way to spend time with reading- and presents them to us...




The first mobile phones cost over 2,000 euros and had battery life for 20 minutes.





The technology behind smartphones is based on more than 250,000 different patents.




The world population spends 500,000 hours a day for typing passwords and other security codes on the Internet.




The raw materials needed to make a desktop computer include 240 kg of fossil fuels, 23 kg of chemical and 1.5 tonne of water. All together is about 2 tonnes, almost as much as a rhino.




All the words that are written on Twitter each day can fill a book with 10 million pages.




There are 10,000 more photographers on Facebook than there are in the Library of Congress in the USA.

Read more in the book "1.227 quite interesting facts to blow your socks off".

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