Smarty Ring. The new companion of your smartphone is not a "smart clock" but a "smart ring"

Forget about smart watches, welcome ... the Smarty Ring. A "smart" ring which aspires to be the companion of your smartphone, without weighing down your wrist.


As you can see in the pictures, the Smarty Ring has a LED display, which can display information from a connected smartphone, such as who's calling, text messages, updates from the social media, etc. You can synchronize it with your device using iOS or Android application and has a natural control button on the side, which you can use in applications such as for the control of your camera app for your mobile. Some other settings allow you to enable anti-theft features, such as, for example, an alert that turns off when your device is away from the ring.

The Smarty Ring requested funding from the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, achieving very quickly to gain it. It communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth connection, while the autonomy, in accordance with the manufacturers, is up to 24 hours with normal use. As for how much it will cost when it comes to shops, the creators count it around 200 euros, with the price to be lower, at the this time, for the promoters, which is expected to have in April.

Watch a video with the Smarty Ring.

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