How Nokia "stole" a customer from Samsung

How can a burned Galaxy S4 can cause havoc to Samsung's PR? Well when they don't have a clue on how to deal with their customers, an opponent in the market can "steal" them right from their hands!


This is what happened when a Galaxy S4 owner uploaded in YouTube the damage his S4 suffered when he merely charged it overnight! The device burst into flames and he barely saved his life! Samsung got in touch with the owner and mentioned that they would be willing to compensate him offering another device to him, but ONLY if he removed the video from YouTube! All these, even though the device was under guarantee!

The owner found this approach as insulting and uploaded a second video with Samsung's request that already has over 1.250.000 tweets! The real damage for Samsung starts here since Nokia USA tweeted to the owner the following as you can see!


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