Automatic playback of Facebook and Instagram videos on mobile devices

This is the end to the experiments on automatic video play on Facebook for mobile devices, as the Social Network announced that all videos which are uploaded directly to its servers or are being shared via Instagram, will be played back automatically on the users' Home Page on mobile devices.

More specifically, as the user scrolls in the home page, when he sees a video, the automatic playback of the video will start without sound. The user has the option to press the video button and to view it in full screen with sound. For videos from other social networks, such as YouTube for example, continues to have the old method by pressing the play button to watch it.


For those users who are concerned about the impact that this may have in the consumption of mbytes of data packages, Facebook has an option in the settings for the application to automatically play the video only via WiFi.

Finally, Facebook tests the automatic playback of videos in the web version as well, i.e. via computer, without any info on when it will be implemented for all.

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