Pixel Piracy: From the moment that you see the title, you'll want to download it

We are used to have most studios, begging their players -if they are interested in any game- to finally buy it and download it. Here is the exception to this rule! Vitaly Kirpu and Alexander Poiski, creators of Pixel Piracy, did something extraordinary: They give a torrent with the game, "hacked", on the internet to prevent anyone else from doing it!


"We are not idiots. We believe that if someone wants to "hack" our game, he will do it in many ways. So it is safer to provide these people a formal link in order to avoid a virus", they wrote. "If you like the game you can support us in many ways such as buying it", they continue. "Tell your friends about it and give the link only if you enjoy the game. If you do not like it, at least you haven't paid for it"!

However, the two creators seem to understand the piracy much better than bigger companies in the area of gaming, having furthermore decided not to fight it but to accept it. Right or wrong, we don't know...

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