The Blacklist: When you are too good ... for the tv series you participate in

Whoever happens to have seen the excellent, Emmy award-winning Boston Legal tv series, knows who "James Spader" is. He may cut you in half with his intelligent and sarcastic humor, seduce you until you breath out and talk to yourself, he has the style of thousand cardinals and makes you believe whatever he says. He is an actor with a beginning, a middle and an end and a range that frightens.


The Blacklist - Season Pilot

In the Blacklist the awesome character of the "most wanted", "Raymond "Red" Reddington", stands out significantly from the rest of the cast. He knows everything of the targets that is telling to the FBI and the feelings of the agent Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone), he standardises each concern/question/anxiety that the rookies and veterans agents have with a confidence sush as "been there, done that". The world must turn upside down to be outranged and gently shake his chic hat.

Does a TV series has benefits when the main character stands out from the remaining cast, by creating huge "differences" between other? Perhaps over time it will prove to be a problem. In the tv series with the green light for a second season after the extremely encouraging numbers, there are moments when everything is happening in a single episode seems "too much", with a lot of information in just a half hour. This is where Spader makes his magic and clears up the events, shares the suspense and as usually surprises us.

So far, "Red" is a very interesting person, leading everyone to his whereabouts, doing whatever he wants and he is happy with it. Do they  have the courage to follow him for a 5th or a 6th season? Let's see.

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