Researchers found deposits of drinking water, below the bottom of the oceans!

Earth probably gives once again the answer to the overcrowding and in one of the great problems of humanity: the access to drinking water. Researchers discovered that below the oceans, there are huge deposits of drinking water.


We are more than 7 billion people on this planet and we do not intended to be less instantly. In addition to the imbalances which are presented to us to have access to food, health, education or security, one of the biggest problems for a large part of the world's population is the access to drinking water. Australian researchers reveal that our planet keeps its own "stock"of drinking water, which is in one of the most inaccessible places: below the bottom of the oceans.

As published in Nature magazine, the research of the Australian presents strong evidence that resources of drinking water are placed below the bottom of the ocean in places close to Australia, China, North America and Africa. They think that more than 500 thousand cubic kilometers of water are stored in aquifer deposits below the bottom of the oceans and the biggest challenge for science (and mankind) is to gain access to these deposits, without this water to be contaminated during the procedure.

Will the scientists manage to solve this problem? Certainly, they must. The "wars" on the water are the next wars after those for oil. Having discovered alternative sources of energy, the wars over oil are stupid. For the water, not. Read more about the discovery of the Australians, here.

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