UnBRELLA. Resolving the problem of having ... a wet umbrella

The design of an umbrella has not changed particularly through the years and one of the reasons is that the existing design serves well enough the job they do: to keep us dry in case of rain (some use them for the sun, but this is not something that we will deal with in this post). Enhancements to the area of resistance (for example in the case of a strong air) have been made in some designs of the market, however, we have not seen any particular improvement when he have in our hands a wet umbrella. A Japanese designer had a simple idea and created the UnBRELLA.


What does it do? Just place the metal frame which has an umbrella to open-close on the outside of the arch and not inside. So, when someone closes an umbrella after the rain, he will see that the wet side is now on the inside and he can carry it more easily, without soaking his clothes. In addition, this smart umbrella, with the name UnBRELLA, can stand by itself, as its ends form a basis, if at any time you want to leave it on the floor to do something else.

The UnBRELLA, the alternate proposal of Hiroshi Kajimoto will be available by next February at a hefty price, 80 euros, showing once again the importance of the Japanese in gadgets. If you liked the idea of the UnBRELLA watch more in the video below.

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