Dennis Woodside, CEO Motorola: Project Ara is the future of the smartphones' customization

The CEO of Motorola Mobility, Dennis Woodside, in a very interesting interview to the popular Youtuber, Marques Brownlee via Hangouts, talked about the famous modular smartphone that is being prepared by the company, the innovative "Project Ara" along with other projects.


As he said, the prototype of Project Ara is almost ready, but it's not so far away the day that we will see such a proposal in the market, through the "Moto Maker" website of the company that allows you to purchase a personalized telephone. At this moment, Moto Maker does "interventions" and "personalizations" in Moto X, regarding to the materials, a personal signature that you want or the colors of their covers, without affecting the operating system of the smartphone.This will change in the future with Project Ara and Moto Maker.

We remind you that the idea of Project Ara -Motorola is inspired by the concept of Phoneblocks- uses a fixed frame in a device and you can add a range of components to differentiate its features. For example, you can change the cameras in the device by simply removing the existing module and adding another with more upgraded features.

When will we see Project Ara in the market? It depends ...

It takes much time for a modular smartphone to be a commercially available product. The biggest obstacle (and challenge) Motorola is facing with its implementation is the fact that there is no "universal language" that can be used for a range of components to communicate with the central unit such a smartphone. However, today most of them are specially designed for a specific device. If Motorola manages to develop an open platform for the components, in a similar way that Google has developed Android OS, then they will have taken a giant step toward for the launching of Project Ara as soon as possible in the market.

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