Disney acquires all the rights of Indiana Jones. Will a movie follow?

The truth is that they delayed it, but finally they succeeded. Disney and Paramount came to an agreement, in which the first acquired all the rights for the future projects of Indiana Jones, whether this means a sequel or TV series, while Paramount took of course a huge percentage of the profits. This obviously changes completely what we knew until now and makes even more likely a future appearance of the famous archaeologist Indiana Jones.


The question is whether we will be able to see Harrison Ford in the role of Jones, although the 71-year-old actor has made known that he wants to return to the role, despite his age. Also don't forget the rumours about the secret deal of Ford with Disney, that he would be willing to return to the role of Han Solo in the seventh Star Wars movie, only if a fifth Indiana Jones movie would be a fact. The truth is that the public would find it difficult to accept Indie without Ford, so we should expect some announcements from Disney soon.

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