Viber Out. With affordable international calls to cable and mobiles phones

Viber announced the premiere of Viber Out, which allows the subscribers to make calls at a low cost to cable and mobile phones throughout the world, through the mobile apps.


The new service, which premiered last month in Philippines in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane that hit the area, is available, for now, for Android and iOS users, while, according to the company, will soon be released for Windows phones.



It refers to the corresponding Skype service, while the users should be able to buy "credits" through purchases from the application or the corresponding desktop client. The company notes that their prices are "lower than those of the competition", but differ depending on the country and the number to call (mobile or cable). In the table above, you can see an indicative comparison between the prices of Viber Out and Skype for calls in the same countries.

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