Baby Relaxing Seat with iPad support... Why is there such a baby seat after all?

Which is the appropriate age for someone to start using an iPad? The age of 13 years would you say? According to Fisher Price, the sufficiently experienced company which manufactures baby accessories and toys, the first months are perfect to start using the ipad. And the company supports its belief by releasing a relaxing seat for babies, which features iPad support.


The project manager of Fisher Price, obviously thought that, it makes no difference to a baby, to see a baby toy or an ipad display. And they apparently thought that a parent would like to try to "keep busy" his baby with cartoons or lalabies and images on iPad.

But activists from the campaign for a consumer free childhood, launched a complaint to stop the sale of this seat. They say that the incessant motion will keep their attention exclusively there, with the result to not come in contact with their parents and the rest of the world and may lead the parents to leave the baby for hours in the room and the baby do not even recognize them. The campaign participants say that "babies need hugs and not applications". The association of paediatricians in the United States agrees with the activists and expressly states that the babies under two years are forbitten to come in contact with electronic devices. If this was not enough reason to indicate this.


Fisher Price supports that the company receives a negative online campaign and this is a relaxing seat with educational purposes, which has clear instructions for the time and distance of the baby being in front of the iPad.

If you want to see the online collection of signatures for the withdrawal of the baby seat with the iPad support, you can click here.

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