"Dear Santa Claus, give me a PS4 otherwise I will put my sister's cat in the blender"

Christmas is coming and it is the time for the children to send a letter to Santa Claus. This is what an "angel" did when he wrote a letter to Santa Claus for a school project. The 8 yea old so boy went to school and gave to his teacher the letter to Santa Claus. The teacher decided to read the letter which was smelling like cigarettes and alcohol.


The letter (without the bad words) was as follows: "Yo, Santa, I have not been good this year and I will not be. No chance. But I want a PS4 with all the games for Christmas. If I don't get a PS4, I will put my sister's cat in mom's blender. So get me a PS4. Love, Damian".It's a latter full of love... His mother answer was that she could not get a PS4 as they even don't have electric power!

We have not received yet a reply from Santa Claus, but we imagine that he will not succumb to the blackmail. What will you ask from Santa this year?

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