Video Game reboots and remakes of 2013

As 2013 is giving its place to 2014, we felt obliged to do this unique tribute. The 2013 proved to be a year where the most publishers found the old games and brought in the surface many old titles, but also new titles by restarting certain franchises. So we wrapped up the best games we have seen again in the consoles and in our PCs during this last year.


This post is divided into two parts: (a) the "reboots", which are new games in a franchise but they begin with the scenario of the first game of the series, (b) the "remakes", which are the old games in new version (perhaps with enhanced graphics or some extra content).

Let's start with our games then


Reboots ...

Tomb Raider

Since the series gone down and escaped from the original idea of Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider, Square Enix took a critical -which proved right- decision. So, with a brand new - sexier- Lara, the Tomb Raider returned for good!


Dmc: Devil May Cry

As it happened with the Tomb Raider, Capcom with the Devil May Cry decided to make a new start, by changing the lead character - ok, the name is the same! The story starts from the beginning of the Dmc: Devil May Cry and the game is highly addictive, as well as the previous titles of the franchise.



EA wanted to "restart" the colossus of assimilation of the cities, the SimCity. However, things were not going so well during the launching of the game, because there were numerous problems with the connection of the users and the involvement of the DRM, something which was the main reason for the EA to be the worst company of the year. However, the game after many updates got better...

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