Facebook now has a dislike button (only in messages)

The stickers is one of the most recent additions of Facebook in messages that you send via the popular social networking site from your mobile phone or even from the web. The positive in their case is that they are free and in several cases they can brighten your communication with your friends. The new Facebook Like sticker pack has caused more discussions from other, incorporating something that many users require for a long time, the "dislike" possibility.


The new Facebook Like sticker pack has a variety of icons, with the famous "hand" of Facebook in many shapes such as approval, disapproval and not only as you can see in the photo. You can download them (for free) from the store of the application of Facebook and start to use it. However, once again the desire of some users for a dislike button on Facebook remains (and will probably remain for some time more) unfulfilled.

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