The filtered beauty of Photoshop

If your image is still based in fashion magazines and television or electronic screens, these "filtered" Photoshop pictures of Anna Hill will remind you that the truth is on you and not on the screens. In her artistic project, she decided to transform herself in a model, not by using cosmetics or cloth, but the filters of Photoshop.


Anna Hill does not comment only on the flawless beauty prototype which is promoted for many years in advertising and in fashion. With her project, she says that the filtered beauty fails to be an advertisement of a fashion or a cosmetic product and is exclusively technology advertising that makes it possible. Just this.

"I think the basic idea is something that I have noticed a long time ago. The standard advertising for makeup or the handout in a cosmetic shop, which have a close-up on the face of a girl, which has no spots and is so brilliant, made me think that they only advertise Photoshop. The makeup can do many things, but not that".



In her advertising, Hill presents Photoshop as a magic filter, which can make you whatever you want: longer or shorter legs, make you shine or have the style of femme fatale. How to be a star in other words! Now you can look yourself in the mirror with more tenderness. Because once again, we tell you not to look yourself in accordance to the digital standards of  Photoshop.

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