7 Alternative Christmas trees

The truth is that the most beautiful christmas tree for someone is his own, but like in this post, some of us like more ... the alternative things.

We are talking about some ideas of alternative Christmas trees or the most unusual in the world that have been detected by Gizmodo and presented to us. Each one has a remarkable quality which has led to be selected by the authors of the site, either because it is made of 3D holograms or recyclable materials, etc. But the most interesting for those who are a little more ... alternative from others is the tree which is made from explosive materials. Look at them and decide which one suits you best...



Tumbleweed Tree (Chandler, Arizona)



Christmas "explosion" tree from the RatedRR (Tennessee)



Christmas tree from ... Lego (Legoland Malaysia)


Tree from ... sleds (Budapest, Hungary)



Hologram Tree(Amsterdam, Netherlands)




The largest Christmas tree in the world (Gubbio, Italy)




Christmas tree from 40.000 recycled bottles (Kaunas, Lithuania)

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