A script that may get Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise together again in a film

Neil Jordan's Interview with a Vampyre was the first and only time when the two great stars cooperated in front of the camera. Now there's a chance they will cooperate once again thanks to a project from Tom Cruise and Joseph Kosinski (they worked together in Oblivion).


It's called Go Like Hell and it's based on A. J. Bem's novel «Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans», that talks about the days of the Ford Motor Company and young Henry Ford! A man who with little experience took over the company and decided to take part in races with Enzo Ferrari's Italian team, in order to gain publicity! Somewhere in between this contest, the two men will play their roles: Cruise will be Carol Shelby (Ford's designer and former race car driver) and Pitt being sceptical about the whole concept.

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