The blunder of the Bloomberg host which makes anyone who deals with the Bitcoin laughing out loud

Everyone discusses about the Bitcoin lately, the truth is that in some cases such as that of the known cryptocurrency, "if you don't know how something works, it's better not to mess with it".


This is exactly what happened to Bloomberg host, Matt Miller, who made an incredible blunder, while he was trying to donate Bitcoin wallets, of $20 each, to his two co-hosts. While he was giving them a piece of paper with a "certificate" for the gift, the QR Code which contains one of the encrypted private keys appeared on camera, so everyone was able to steal the Bitcoins. A user of Reddit with the username "milkywaymasta" took the responsibility for the "theft", saying that it was a great experience. He promised, in fact, that he will return the "money" back as soon as possible, when their owner create a new link and the "keys" will not appear on ... tv.

As he writes, it is sufficient for him that this made known how important is for the safety of Bitcoin to not expose your private keys. We do not know about others, but Matt Miller learned his lesson and even replied to "miklywaymasta" via Reddit that he can keep the money!

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