The fall of Blackberry will continue, according to Foxconn until 2018

Unfortunately the decline of Blackberry continues since the company announced considerable losses for the third quarter of 2013. According to a relative report, the company has losses of 4.4 billion dollars (!) the last three months, while in the second quarter had "only" 965 million dollars of losses. These losses are due in a part to the reduction in revenue, from $1.6 billion to $1.2 billion, as well as the sales of its smartphones fell to 1.9 million units, from 3.7 million sold in Q2. This is very bad for the company no doubt about it...


Neither the launching of the BBM app for Android and iOS to 40 million users seem to be able to stop the decline. Since September, however, Blackberry gave 5,000 Enterprise Service 10 servers in companies, raising the total sales number to 30,000. This is perhaps the last chance for the company. Despite the difficulties, however, Blackberry made a new 5-year agreement with Foxconn Contractor to produce smartphones initially for the Indonesian market and subsequently for other markets. If there is a serious plan for the return to profitability, it should be rapidly implemented. Time is money!

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