The charger that will charge almost every laptop in the market is being prepared!

Isn't it nice to use a common charger to all laptops, without even an adapter? A group which deals with the international standards of various gadgets and devices intends to replace the various charging cables for laptops with a single type of charger, which could, in theory, supply each laptop in the market.


As regards to mobiles, with the exception of Apple, the other manufacturers follow the model of the micro-USB connection, but this is not happening with laptop manufacturers. This is the first time, however, that there is a relevant effort and the initiative is undertaken by IEC (International Electro technical Commission) with the announcement of the world's first technical specification for an external charger that would be able to supply a wide range of notebook computers. IEC believes that the new model will help to reduce the amount of electronic waste and it will be easier for the consumers. Although, as you can imagine, Apple will certainly continue to use its own chargers, it is highly probable that the new model will be "adopted" by other laptop manufacturers, such as HP, Lenovo, Dell or Acer.

Then, the next step, which is likely but it is not that far away, will be the attempt to create a battery charger that will be able to supply a range of different devices (smartphones, laptops, etc.). That would be extremely useful for all of us...

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