NASA presents a different "rainbow" ... from the sun (video)

The incentive not to look directly at the sun is something we remember since our childhood, of course, this is something which should not be done even now for the protection of our eyes. NASA, however, has not (fortunately) such restrictions, since it can look even in the most "invisible" sides of the sun.


The video that you will see at the end of the post includes an extremely impressive display of 10 different looks of the sun "captured" using data from the Solar Dynamics Observatory. The result is a wonderful "rainbow" of colors, each one of them "translated" by the human eye, into a different wavelength of light - something which is invisible to our eyes, but it can be perceived by machines such as the telescopes of the SDO.

As noted by NASA, "As the colours sweep around the sun in the movie, viewers should note how different the same area of the sun appears. This happens because each wavelength of light represents solar material at specific temperatures. Different wavelengths convey information about different components of the sun's surface and atmosphere, so scientists use them to paint a full picture of our constantly changing and varying star."

Forget the advice of your parents and look the sun with "your eyes", certainly not in reality, but in the video below. It is harmless and you will enjoy it.

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