Silic. A waterproof and steinless t-shirt

This is a t-shirt designed by a young businessman, Aamir Patel, and it is stainless, even if you pour over a glass of red wine. Meet Silic, a t-shirt with integrated hydrophobic nanotechnology, which uses tiny structures, in order to repulse water and other liquids forming an air cushion between the cloth and the molecules of the liquid!


Silic takes its name from the billion particles of silicon dioxide layer on the fabric. Even when you sweat, the liquid will evaporate into the atmosphere and not into the fabric. For the design of the t-shirt, Patel cooperated with a former designer of Vera Wang. The comparison with the NeverWet, a spray that can be used on clothing or objects making them waterproof is inevitable, however the Silic campaign at Kickstarter insisted that NeverWet contains carcinogenic chemicals.

Watch the video and you will be surely impressed!

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