You have a Vine account? Then you also have a web profile!

A couple of days ago Vine announced that users can now copyright their usernames through the app preparing them for the coming of web profiles. Today through another official announcement by Vine we learn that web profiles are now available through the address: (where USERNAME, your Vine username). 


If you visit the main page of Vine you will see that it shows several vines along with the usernames of its users on the top left corner of the screen. From now on users can log in, visit the web profiles of other users, like share their posts in the vines etc.


As you can see all web profiles are quite minimalistic showing only the necessary info of each user, along with a mini resume, the users that follow him, the users he follows and of course his/her vines. There's also a TV mode that helps show all vines in full screen splitting the display in two parts like the image above.

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