7 "crazy" ideas of how to re-use an old broken Mac

The madness with the products of Apple is huge, but the love that someone can have for those devices can make him continue using them even after they stop serving the purpose for which they were created. What is happening with the old gadgets that do not work anymore? Some people seem not to throw them so easily, but give them instead a "second life".  See what you can do with an old Mac.


Ummm ... A grill....I wish the smells could just reach us!.



This motorcycle was presented at this year's One Motorcycle Show and it has been created by Mac parts. Incredible!



When an iMac becomes an aquarium.



One lamp from Mac parts that the user Randall Littleton sells on Etsy.



Another proposal that is sold on Etsy is this clock from old keyboards and mice.



Mac modders from Malaysia use parts from Apple devices that do not work anymore, to build computers from scratch, in cases made from the ... box of Mac Mini!



Old computer of Apple as a mailbox. Clever idea!

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