Why do superheroes wear their underwear over their uniform?

Some people rushed to give a not so successful explanation, noting that the reason for this is that the most superheroes have lost their parents at a young age, with the result that no one said to them that the underwear must be worn under the clothes, but the real explanation, however, seems to be (thankfully) different ...extrernal-underwear-superheroes


As Julius Schwartz says - one of the main authors of DC Comics from 1944 to 1986 who, among other things, wrote stories about the most famous superhero, Superman - the reason for this particular ordinary clothes is inspired by the corresponding "uniform" that the artists of the circus and the wrestlers of that era were wearing.


It should be noted, however, that the wrestlers and the performers in circus didn't wear underwear, but tight shorts over leggings for protection, because of the difficult stunts which should be carried out. So the next time you see a movie with Superman together with friends, you will have a fact in order to impress them.

Watch the video that has as "inspiration" the book "The Wise Book of whys"

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