The iPod Classic and some... erasers!

Do you remember iPod Classic? Jim Nevarde not only remembers it, but he wanted to give it as ... a gift to his wife for Christmas. So, he went to a "Target" store in San Diego to buy it. He gave 293 dollars, took the receipt and a guarantee. What happened, however, when his wife opened the box? Hmmm ... As the picture shows below, instead of an iPod, the box included some papers and ... erasers! Incredible but true, although, in fact that such mistakes happen often the last days in the world and even with tastiest content.


What did Nevarde do when he found that the iPod of his wife doesn't play music? He returned the device to the store, but it seems that his suffering had no end, since the second package as well had inside some erasers too, in different color this time! Fortunately, he opened the package in-store, so after a third successful try, he returned home (finally) with his wife's media player at hand...

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