Project Cristine: Razor and its modular computer in CES 2014

Yes, it's what we would call as modular PC and by the looks of it, it's going to be something out of this world! It's called Project Cristine and it consists of a central spine where all modules can connect on, like a graphics card, processor, HDD etc!


Project Cristine's motherboard has been split into several pieces along with all the other subsystems and users will be able to change it just by connecting another module of his selection! All modules will be made by Asus, Gigabyte, Western Digital, Corsair and others along with Razor's OK.



Don't start drooling however, since Project Cristine is exaclty what it's name suggests: a project and it will remain one for at least one more year. Until CES 2015 we will have a lot to wait for!


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