Samsung reveals more info regarding Galaxy S5

Young-hee Lee Samsung's Executive VP gave an interview to Bloomberg recently and made some interesting statements regarding Galaxy S4's successor!


More specifically he mentioned that Galaxy S5 that million of users have been waiting for will be radically different from the previous models, with significant design changes in the display area and the general feeling of the device. This means that it may be matte in design, or built from aluminium, who knows?

The new Galaxy S5 will probably feature an Iris scanner, taking things a bit further than fingerprint scanners (from Apple and HTC) did last year. Samsung wants to add some special features as well but the designers don't want to have to copy features from other devices to succeed in this. The most awaited device is expected to be unveiled in March or April so you can start saving money you guys out there. Along with it we will probably see a second Galaxy Gear designed especially for it. Finally Lee mentioned that a new Galaxy Note is ready to be unveiled but he didn't disclose any more info regarding the matter.

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