Flir One. A thermal camera for iPhone at CES 2014!

Well this surely looks quite awesome, don't you think? It's called Flir One and it's a case that can turn your iPhone into a thermal imaging camera with awesome results!


Flir company has several relevant products like the first thermal imaging gadget for professionals and now they unveiled their Flir Camera that's compatible with iPhone 5 and 5s devices offering many thermal imaging options that will surely amaze you. The device packs its own battery so that it doesn't use your iPhone's energy, and can be used for 2 hours continuously! You can also use it as an extra battery charger for your device if you wish.

Using Flir Camera you can see in the dark, locate thermal signatures around you (in the house, at work) and use it as a proffesional tool if you are in to this type of work! Flir Camera costs 349$ and it will be available this Spring. Later some Android models will be compatible to work with it as well!

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