Saving Mr.Banks comes on 16 January

Fifty years after the awesome movie of Disney, Mary Poppins, which, in addition to the love of the public, won 5 Oscar Awards and 13 nominations, the great Tom Hanks (in the role of Walt Disney) and Emma Thompson (in the role of the author of the Mary Poppins groups), are staring in Saving Mr.Banks, a moving biography, which takes us through the creating conditions of this film.


"The Magic Umbrella" is an exciting film within the film, a scenario of the promising Kelly Marcel (Terra Nova TV series) and is directed by John Lee Hancock (scenario and directing for the Blind Side, scenario for the Snow White and the Huntsman), which has all the specifications to compete in the most important categories of the next Oscar Awards, giving us an unforgettable cinematic experience.

The story focuses on the life of the author P.L.Travers. It is shared between her childhood in Australia in 1907 and the transfer of the books series of Mary Poppins on the big screen from Walt Disney in '60. During her stay in Hollywood, Travers remembers her difficult childhood in Australia and her father who was the inspiration for the famous character of Mr.Banks, the paternal figure in the famous story.

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