Coinye West. The "clone" of Bitcoin which aspires to be the most mainstream cryptocurrency in the world

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most popular trends of the season, with the Bitcoin to be discussed enough recently, it seems, however, that maybe it's time to become more mainstream than ever, thanks to the Coinye West. This is a cryptocurrency, which has as "theme" the famous celebrity, Kanye West and is expected to make premier on 11 January.


In the site, we see the Coinye West with the "face" of the popular singer, as well as the inverse measuring up to its launch. According to its creators, is based on Bitcoin but it will be more "easy-to-use" becoming a cryptocurrency "for the masses".  We don't know if it's a joke, but it is certainly not difficult for someone to create his own cryptocurrency, as well as the source code of Bitcoin is public, while in the past there have been created many others "clones". The creators of Coinye West note that with this, they will give a "front end" for the "mining" programs with the name CoinyeMiner which will simplify the mining process, so that everyone can easily create his own currencies. They believe that the Coinye West will become very popular and will be used for ticket purchase for concerts and in many more circumstances.

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