They are suing Facebook because of reading their personal messages

Two Facebook users from California are suing the popular social networking site, with the charge of violation of the privacy of the personal messages they exchanged through this.


It seems that Facebook has a "mechanism" that can "scan" our personal messages and detect if they include links to a "third-party" website. The aim, of course,of  this process is the improvement of the algorithms, which help Facebook to sell the data of the users in companies, having formed with an integrated way the real profile of each user according to his preferences.

Facebook seems that violates, however, the "Electronic law of communications privacy " of 1986, as well as laws of California. So, the two users note that the use of the "private" word from Facebook regarding the messages does not reflect reality and is misleading and they want compensation. Thay aspire, however, to convince other users of the popular site to make massive lawsuits, claiming their own compensation ...

Of course, this is not the first time that popular sites, such as Facebook, violate the privacy of their users, something which in the past has caused numerous debates and discussions. Facebook is not the only social media site with such violations, as well as other companies such as Google, Yahoo or LinkedIn have been indicted for similar facts.

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