Hama Speedshot Converter (PS3/X360) review

We all know that playing FPS games in a gaming console is intolerable when using a game controller since the whole PC experience is much better anyway. But what happens when you want to take a game that can be played exclusively on a gaming console or you just want to continue playing games using your keyboard and mouse? Hama is here to offer a great solution with Hama Speedshot Converter that enables any user to connect his keyboard and mouse to his gaming console!


The device looks like a USB hub and I bet you are wondering "why can't I just connect my Keyboard and mouse to the USB ports of my gaming console?" Because not all XBOX 360 and PS3 games support keyboard and mouse so you cannot use them for gaming. Hama SpeedShot Converter allows your keyboard and mouse to be recognized as a simple gamepad for PS3 and XBOX 360!

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