LEGO Marvel Super Heroes review

We really loved LEGO related game titles and we were always anxious to play them. That's why Warner Bros in cooperation with TT Games - after Star Wars, Batman etc. returns with all of Marvel's heroes. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is the last LEGO video game that will be available for all platforms.


Silver Surfer is a friend of Galactus who feeds by sucking life out of planets and S.H.I.E.L.D. team along with Iron Man are after them. When Doctor Doom hits Silver Surfer, his silver board gets smashed in a thousand little ... LEGO parts that fall on Earth! Doom works together with Loki and some other bad guys and try to collect all the pieces of the board that hide enormous power in them. Marvel's heroes are called to stop Doom and... obviously save the world. Classic stuff!

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